back on track, yo.

I stepped on the scale over the weekend. That was not a pretty sight, my friends. I had a very sobering moment of, “Okay, that sucks. But it’s time to regain control.”  At one point in my journey, I would not eat an ounce of sweets that wasn’t from Weight Watchers (I was following the program at the time.) When I hit a plateau, I gave up. And man, that pendulum swung so hard the other way. I don’t really want to talk about that, or focus on it really. However, it bring me to my current state.

I have a lot of friends who get all up in my “biznass” when I refer to myself as fat. But if I’m being honest, that’s what I have going on here. It is what it is. It feels kind of good to write it, honestly. It makes it real and it’s reality.

I started tracking calories again using the LoseIt app on my phone. I love it so far. I’ve used it before and was happy with it. I can track what I eat, save meals, and track my exercise. So far, so good.

Last night I went on my first run. I was smiling the whole time. Even though my knee was killing me. It felt so nice to run around my lovely neighborhood in Uptown. When I hit my longer runs, maybe I’ll go to the lakes. Who knows. But, getting on the run was a feat itself. I got home from work and immediately texted my friend Jen:

We went back and forth and I forced myself into running clothes and had to make proof that I was actually going off on my run to send to Jen:


In the past, I always felt like I didn’t get “as good of a workout” if I wasn’t sweating profusely. So I was bummed at the end, that I wasn’t sweating like a crazy woman, but I was also okay with it. I’m using the C25K app on my phone. For the one thousandth time. I’ve used it when training for a 5K in the past. I decided that this time around, there’s no race. No goal. Just to complete the entire series at my own pace.

Well, I guess this means I’m blogging again. Weird.


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