Running, you sexy beast.

It’s weird. I think for the first time in all my times of, “I’m dieting.” that I really feel committed. I texted my friend Andrea the other night that I almost prefer my evenings around the lake than I do at happy hour. I know, I’m crazy. But it’s the only time I have to myself. I’ve accepted the fact that even if I set my alarm at 5am, I immediately am saying, “bitch, please.” And hit snooze.


In any case, the other night, I took a measly hour out of my day (apparently that’s all it takes) to do my run. I actually, walked to and from the lake, so ended up doing 5 miles that night. I kept having these bursts of energy and I have a horrible habit of trying to dance while I run. It isn’t pretty, friends. But, really truly, it’s my only time to myself. I’m looking forward to coming home tonight and going for my run. The sky doesn’t look promising and as long as it isn’t a terrible downpour or an actual storm – I am going running!

Also, can we talk about endorphins for a minute? I can’t stop smiling when I run. Even though I run like my body weights one thousand pounds and I look terrible doing it. It’s ridiculous. Quit your smiling, girl. Just kidding, I love it.

I actually have nothing exciting to report. I saved calories last night and ate Chipotle and I didn’t even enjoy it. So there’s that. It’s felt good to already see progress in my body. I feel stronger every day and my body is slowly getting used to not eating all the time. If I get hungry, I have been indulging in my favorite tea:

So, how are you? How’s your week? Anything exciting to report?

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