Vote No, Minnesota.

I am taking today off from talking about my stupid journey to talk about something that is quite frankly more near and dear to my heart.

On November 6, 2012, Minnesotans are going to the polls to vote on two amendments.  Today I’d like to tell you why I’m going to Vote No against the gay marriage amendment. This amendment will make it illegal in the state of Minnesota for same sex couples to marry. In fact, it’s still illegal today and will be illegal even if the amendment doesn’t pass. Opposing the amendment simply keeps the door open for conversation.

This amendment in its purest form is discrimination. It is saying, “Hey, you. Yeah, I know you’re gay and you didn’t choose this for yourself, but I’m just going to go ahead and say since homosexuality makes me uncomfortable, I’d like to take your freedom to marry away.”


I have no right to tell two people who are in love that they can or cannot get married. I have been beyond blessed in my life to attract gay men into my life the same way tacos attract a good beer. I have learned so much from my friends since the ripe age of 17 when my first friend came out to me.

What people don’t realize (and this is all my personal opinion) is no one would choose a life in which they are discriminated against and judged day after day. Who wants to walk down the street and be called fag or some other derogatory comment? No one. I don’t want to live in a world where we start to take away freedoms from people.

I want to live in a world where I can go to happy hour with my friends, regardless of sexual orientation and gush over wedding plans. I want to live in a world where all my friends can feel comfortable to be who they are as individuals and not cut off parts of themselves or feel as though they need to “feel out” a crowd before saying, “Okay, I can be this person tonight.”

You want to know how opposing the gay marriage amendment might impact you? I have no idea because if you are a heterosexual, this won’t change your life. You won’t be discriminated against. No one is taking away your freedom to marry the person you love.

Could you imagine that? Imagine waking up tomorrow and someone came to you and said, “You can’t marry the person you love because you are straight.” Say that out loud and realize how infantile it is to even be talking about it.

My friends who are gay want the same opportunities to fight with spouses, screw up their kids and have a family the same way I will some day.

Don’t limit the freedom of my best friend to be able to get married. Vote No on November 6, Minnesota.


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