marbles in a mason jar.

Well. Less than a year ago, I was running everyday. Eating well, and enjoying life to the fullest. It was the beginning of my first year of living on my own. A lot has changed since that time.Friendships have been gained, lost, and reconciled. Work has done a 180 for me. I’ve fallen in love, and I’m positive there are a lot of other boring things in there. 

I lost my mojo for everything over the winter. All my hard work of losing weight, and running and being on a good road was lost. 

So, time to pull it back together again.



So here we are. Beginning with a goal. My best friend, Jillian did this, so I was inspired by her. I think even more importantly, I talked to Ethan about my frustration with my current situation and my mother. And here I am again, blogging.

I know I can get on top of this again and a girl has to start somewhere, right?