I started my plan on Monday. Which meant three days of a cleanse and today was the first day “on plan.” (I’ll share more about what that means another day.) What a day for my first day to be on plan. It really meant that my husband ate for the both of us together. I kid, slightly. I enjoyed some turkey, sweet potatoes and a roll.

I had internal struggles throughout the day. My brain wanted wine because hello, it’s the holidays. But I enjoyed a La Croix water instead. I feel like I wait all year for my dad’s mashed potatoes. They are literally the best and I wait all year. ALL YEAR. But I knew eating them would mean I’d feel guilty for days and I wouldn’t want to write down that I ate it. So I didn’t.

The woman who sat down at Thanksgiving dinner this year will be different than the woman who sits down there next year.

I’m thankful this year for the courage to take my life back, for my husband who supports me in any way he can, amazing friends who encourage me and tell me I can do this and am worth it and most of all, the means to be able to do this.

Thanksgiving this year was full of belly laughs, friends and family. I am one lucky lady.


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