I have hives, but I have not lost my sarcasm.

Life has been sort of stupid lately. I don’t think I’ve talked about this or really mentioned it in detail. I’m still not going to rehash the details, but I’ve had this crazy epidemic of hives. I call it epidemic because I am a middle child and thus super dramatic. Actually, I’m just dramatic in general because I spent much of my younger years on stage.

In any case – these dang hives. I really have no clue what is causing them at this point. It’s super attractive to be in a work meeting and scratching the ever living daylights out of your arm.

Before you all try to play doctor on me, don’t. I am seeing an allergist in November. I hope the stick me with all kinds of needles and find out I am allergic to life and I can never work again.

I’m just kidding. But I am hoping they figure out what’s wrong because it’s made me pretty down in the dumps about everything, the antibiotic makes me sleepy and well, new hives spring up every day, and that’s just annoying.

On the bright side – I’m staying busy. It makes me dwell less on the situation at hand and time is flying by so the month I’m having to wait to get to the specialist is almost up.

The downside?


Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong affinity to beer. So this makes me quite sad and I am not drinking beer right now. Don’t worry – I’m making up for the calories elsewhere.

Is anyone else running the Monster Dash 5K on Saturday? If you are, just look for the girl in the blue and orange tutu in support of MN United for all Families. You may also find me on the side of Lake Harriet curled up in a ball if I decide running a 5K is not in the cards. So really, this is a cry for help. Don’t leave me on the side of the road.

So, really.

Who is running this thing on Saturday? I need moral support.